CKN Series Review. Stranger things.

So… hey guys, this post it will dedicated to the new Netflix original serie “Stranger Things”

Personally i watched this serie few weeks ago and i admit that it make me literally fall in love with it, this serie its like a mix of “The X Files” with “American Horror Story” and “Village of the Damned” its basically a mix of my personal favorites series and movies.

The trama of this “Peculiar” serie begging in a small town in USA around the 70’s with a group of friends playing a game, this normal live change when one of the kids desapear just mins after leave the house where they was playing.

the real story beggings when Will still missing and his friends Mike, Dustin and Lucas go out to find him, but instead of find Will, they find a “weird” girl, Mike decide to take her home and stop looking for Will that night.
Mike, Dustin and Lucas are wondering about this girl past and what she was doing walking alone in the woods.
The only thing she say is her name “Eleven”
Personally guys i think this serie its amazing, the fact that its a thriller/drama story with kids its amazing, we dont see that now so much, the story, ambient, special effects and more make this serie be in my favorite List.
I invite you to watch it and wait with me to the Second season where our kids are back for a Second adventure. 





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