Second Presidential Debate.

So… Hey guys, first of all i want say sorry for all those inactive days. But we are back in #CKN and Ready to make new fresh blogs. 

Today we are talking about last night Presidential debate, that personally i think it was really hillarous.

Lets talk about the people who was there first, as you know this debate was with people questions, and its not a suprising thing that some of them were kind of “peculiar” the internet blows with memes about some of the persons who get the chance to make a question to the presidentials nominees.

Now we can go ahead with the protagonist of this dramatic serie called: “2016 Presidential Debate” 

At the beggining of the debate both candidates refuse to shake their oponent hand wich was like and advisment of what will happen next, then the moderators let the public make their questions, and as every debate everything start in a really mature and pacific way, but yet in the second questions the war beggings and its because the moderators bring the question of the leaked auido of Donald Trump to the table as soon as they have the chance, Trump was not happy with this, but Hillary Clinton almost forgot she got Neumonia couse of her happiness.

A curious thing is that Donald didnt want to sit down at the presidential debate, he was on fire and with that i dont mean he was doing it good, no, i mean he was literlly angry the whole debate, and something that really call my attetion is that in the few moments he was sit, he stand up againt, very quickly, he was like a shark, i think in that moments he though he was a shark but he was just a little fish.

An other curious thing is that while Hillary Clinton was talking, Trump was walking around the studio looking at her like if he should want to best it so hard she wouldnt want to be president anymore, and i swear i was waiting the moment he would humo against Hillary. Trump was playing the “intimidation” card.

By the way… Do you all remember that “big huge bomb” Trump didnt want to say in the first debate? Well… He say it in this one and he bring  testifys with him. Donald Trump acuse Bill Clinton of be worst then him on treating women, and Yes he said ” worst then me”, Trump talked about how Bill Clinton treate women while he was president back in the 90’s. He also bring three women to the Presidential debate that fallow by Trump, they were bad treating by the Clinton administration and with this i mean Hillary and Bill Clinton. 

Trump surly came into the debate prepare for everything, he was waiting the perfect time to make war, and believe me what we saw yesterday at night wasnt the war Trump was wanted.

In the whole debate Trump was fighting against Hillary and the moderators, and Yes , this time the moderator were “really mean to him” (Sarcastic) 

But at the end of the night the question that we all didnt expect was “Say something nice about each other” (that was not the exactly question but its kind like). Hillary talks about how good Donald Trump raise their kids, because you know she is a Mother and a grandmother too and its important to her… The same thing since her grandougther born. And Donald Trump call Hillary a “Brave women who doesnt give up” Yes, he really call her that way. 

As the Presidential debate almost looked like Clinton and Trump were RiRi and Drske singing work together, at the ends of the night the candidates shake their hands (Thing that i remind you they refuse to do at the beggining) and start to talk with the public and take pics with them.

Being honest? At the ends of the debate i needed Someone to tell me that i was watching the Presidential debate and not a SNL cold open.

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