Special Interview with Branden & James.

Hey guys, this post is a really special for us, today we gonna do a interview to the amzing guys Branden & James. 

Branden is an amazing man who competed and was a finalist for the show America Got Talent, with an amazing voice Branden tells us how he has worked with his voice and the opportunities presented to him by this.

James is another amazing man, a professional musician, who has made its way into the world of music by his great gift of being able to play the cello with the soul and the heart.

Alone, these two guys are amazings, each one with unique spectacular gift that makes them special, but together they two become an incredible dynamic duo. 

with you for the first time in #CKN the interview to Branden & James. Enjoy it.


1- Who is Branden and James? Who are the guys behind the voice and the cello? 

Branden James is an operatic tenor from Orange County, California who sang with all of the major opera companies in The United States and toured around the world with The Twelve Tenors. He wears his heart on his sleeve and is very passionate about what he does. James Clark is a cellist, music director, and pianist from Adelaide, South Australia who spent the first decade of his career as a music teacher. After his sister’s sudden death in 2010, he realized how precious life was and decided to pursue his true passion of performance. He came to Los Angeles and completed his masters degree in cello performance. 

2- How this group beginnings? Who idea was create this group with just a voice and a cello?

We met and fell in love with each other and the music came second. It just all happened so fast and so easily for us. We both grew up in church and have carried the music from those years with us. One night we were at Branden’s house and he started playing and singing a church hymn at the piano. James added cello to it- really just messing around. The sound was so soulful and powerful though. It was really quite unexpected. We performed publicly for the first time in December, 2014. The response was so overwhelming that we decided to actually make a real go of it. 

3- How it feels be an American Got Talent participant? And how it was it when you was in the show.

I have always been a fan of reality competition series. I was a huge fan of American Idol. I love The Voice, AGT- even Star Search as always on at home when I was a kid. To be on the show was surreal. I never thought I’d make it that far. I wish I had a chance to do the show over again- I think I would have done better knowing what I know now- maybe even have won? I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity on a personal and professional level. It REALLY changed me a lot. 

4- I, saw some videos of you, there were two that Actually call my attetion, the cover of “Hotel California” and the video asking to your fans to help you to make the music video of your new single “You Belong”. Why you want your fans to be part of “You Belong” music video?

You Belong is a song about social inclusion. We realized when writing the song, that everyone has been labeled and marginalized by society at one point or another. In asking fans to share the words that have hurt them, it makes these labels powerless. So our real hope here is to start a movement to erase labels. At the end of the day, we’re all human beings and we all deserve to be treated fairly and similarly. 

5- How is this music career have change you? Branden and James are the same guys? Or there are few things that you’ve change?

We both like to think we’re the same people at heart. Values are important to us and our families raised us with the intention of maintaining them. We’re constantly growing and changing however as we keep moving to higher levels in our business. 

6- James, since what age you play the Cello? Because you do it wonderfuly. Same question for Branden, when you start singing?

Aww thanks. I started playing the cello when I was 9 years old. Branden started singing pretty late, at 17 years old. However, there is a tape recording of him singing “Wind Beneath My Wings” at a karaoke studio in Dollywood, Tennessee when he was 10 years old. I suppose that was his initial foray into singing. We both play piano and have since we were 8 years old, respectively. 

7- What exactly does Branden & James expect from the future? 

We’re working on new originals now-writing, producing, recording. We want to continue to write our own music and let that be at least 50% of what we do. In our genre, so many people are used hearing covers. There’s so much more gratification from playing songs live that you’ve actually created. 

8- Your were in a tour shortly #OurMusic tour, tell me how was that feeling of be on tour? 

We both LOVE to travel and are very much the type to get out and take full advantage of the sights and culture of everywhere we go. So from that standpoint, touring is a dream. We were on 5 continents this summer! You miss the little things though- like a kitchen. We get tired of eating out every single night. We actually have been living in hotels for ONE year now. It’s crazy– but we have such a great time. 

9- Do you still have time for your family, friends or everything right now is just work?

James family lives in Australia. So obviously getting there requires a lot of planning. We just spent five weeks there over the summer, however. And we’ll be back again in July, 2017. Branden’s family lives in Los Angeles so we see them a fair amount. They like to come to our shows as well. As far as friends are concerned- we’re both lucky to have friends all over the world, so we’re always meeting up with people we know and love. As far as that regular, tight-knit group of friends, we don’t see them as often, but definitely cherish the moments we get with them. 

10- There is a release date for “You Belong” music video?

The Music Video, Single, and Remix all come out on Tuesday, September 27th. 

It was a truthly honor have this interview with such wonderful persons like Branden & James! The best of the wishes from the #CKN family! We are proud that you have been our very first interview post.
#YouBelongMusicVideo 09/27/16 !!!

For our readers you can find Branden & James on:

Twitter: @BrandenJMusic
Youtube: Branden James

Instagram: @brandenjmusic


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Charls K.



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