Persecuted for their faith.

At present this is a not very eloquent theme, there are not many people who are interested or at least give due importance to such events that happen every day, in remote regions of the first world.

Since the beginning of the world was having an ideology or belief has been the foundation of civilization and entrepreneurship through the years, this has made us the easiest task if I may say so. With beliefs and ideologies come with it many other things that can lead to social disaster, the opposite of these things can lead the world at the highest risk.

As life is complicated to explain and therefore even more difficult to control, from the years have created different groups with different beliefs and different ideologies, dividing the world and protesting groups against groups, leaving a very large door open hundreds of conflicts by the opinions of others about our own beliefs, these acts have chained historical facts giants worldwide.

Since the First World War to the conflict with Syria and countries like Russia and North Korea have been caused by differences between beliefs and ideologies hand on each side against the other.

The world’s major conflicts are religious, millions of people have died from others have a different God.

Religion has marked a powerful worldwide and sparked a great chaos to those nonbelievers.

The persecuted for their faith is the subject of this post, hundreds of thousands of people have been persecuted, shot, killed, hanged, punished and beheaded for believing in a different from his captor and tormentor God.

This goes from the beginning of time, and is happening now, hundreds of families have been abducted and murdered by not deny his belief.

terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIS have been the main actors in these acts of horror and terror, capturing families of Christian beliefs and by threatening to deny the existence of their God to proclaim a God who does not know but that their executioners worship.

These acts go on and on and almost nobody seems to care when sincerely is an issue that should concern us all; all have a right to believe whatever we want without fear that others murdered us for it.

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Charls K.



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