The Venezuela Crisis.

Venezuela is a beautiful country, full of beautiful landscapes, with impeccable culture, full of history and friendly people, Venezuela is a country that in view of any person is a atlantis, full of so many beauties and riches. But … What happened to Venezuela?

Between 1950 and 1960 Venezuela was a country power surpassed the United States and Europe. Venezuela had the highest and modern economy, Bolivar exceeded the euro and the dollar for the first time in its history.

Venezuela was a leader in public health, with hospitals luxury with the latest technology of modern science of that time, was the most promising South American country.

Venezuela has a large wealth, including the extraction of precious stones, livestock, sowing and oil.

Yet today, after almost 60 years of being a global power leader, today Venezuela is plunged into chaos and darkness of a devastated and destroyed economy, with a crime rate higher than in the world’s poorest countries, a dictatorship masquerading as democracy to deceive the state and the world.

In 1999 the famous, late Ex-President of Venezuela Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias won the presidential elections, making promises that its mandate will only be 4 years that all I wanted was to make some “minimal” changes in Venezuela for make it “grow” as every politician all this was a lie.

Hugo Chavez ended governing Venezuela for more than 10 years, I invite foreign investors to invest in Venezuela and then remove or rather steal their companies called “Expropriation Act”

Hugo Chavez ended with foreign investment and foreign trade in Venezuela, livestock and planting to make way for oil carelessness.

The ideology of Hugo Chavez was clearly socialist, he said to be “rich” is bad, and therefore gave the best of himself, so that in Venezuela its inhabitants were not “capitalist” and indirectly forbade them to buy what they wanted , breaking companies, expropriating factories, and if the latter two were not working, increased inflation in the country so that everything should cost more than they owed.

Hugo Chavez died on March 5, 2012, leaving a country in the door of collapse and chaos. But also leave a legacy to his daughters, a fortune of more than 400 million dollars, which were stolen from the company that produced and sold the oil “PDVSA”.

After Hugo Chavez died, passing the post of interim president Nicolas Maduro Moros, presidential elections in which Nicolas Maduro wins traps are made noteworthy by a smaller margin than 1%

Nicolas Maduro in the 4-year presidency that has the 6-year presidency which constitutionally must meet thanks to Hugo Chavez thought that four years was too little time to be president, has destroyed Venezuela from head to toe.

(Before continuing let me tell you a little thing, Hugo Chavez created a new constitution in which widens year presidency and allows indefinite re-election in this way he manages to govern Venezuela for more than 10 years)

Nicolas Maduro has made the Venezuelans do queues of more than 10 hours to buy food staples such as flour, oil, pasta, rice, bath soap, shampoo, soap, cooking, sugar, deodorant, among others products. The worst is that Venezuelans can not buy the amount they want if not the amount that the establishment tell them.

Nicolas Maduro said is a man of Colombian nationality that does not have a college degree, this same man has governed a country for 4 years, which has created escaces, hunger, death, repression, inflation that goes beyond 500% and increasing an extremely large crime rate and much more.

The dictatorship of Maduro is not constitutional and much less democratic, non-elected by the Venezuelan people, was chosen by a group of people of the same political party of the late Hugo Chavez called PSUV, to remain in power and thus to continue in corruption stealing billions of dollars of Venezuelan oil.

The Venezuelan government has turned a deaf ear to the crisis facing the country, baby newborns die from lack of supplies in hospitals, people are starting to eat garbage because they have nothing to eat, children stop going to school for queuing to buy food, Venezuela is in the worst crisis ever seen, and all thanks to greed, malice and greed of a group of thieves.

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Charls K.



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