The Refugees.

The wave of migration worldwide is a problematic case and a little worrying to many nations and countries, with the passing of time and tragedies, migration has become a task more and more seen in the Second World War , the migratory wave of the Jewish people of European nationalities such as German, Dutch, French and English, you can say it was one of the biggest, seeking to escape the tyranny of Hitler, many of the Jewish people migrated to USA and Latin America.

Today migratory waves have been double that in the Second World War, millions of people of different nationalities have migrated in search of a better quality of life.

This was emphasized in many nations of the world, showing that migratory waves were so big that they should do something to stop them or at least know exactly why their migration.

The term “refugee” was first used in World War I, were these people from roughly shaped by war fleeing the terror and death to other countries where they might be safer countries.

The countries of the world accept as many refugees to a year, according to human rights law, not be denied refugee status to a person who has enough evidence to request and obtain this state.

Between 2015 and 2016, with the imminent war in Syria, millions of Syrian people have migrated in huge waves to countries in Europe and America, have called them refugees, not immigrants by the state of war in his native country and the fact be fleeing for their lives.

Countries such as Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy, Greece and the United States of America, are those who have received the highest number of requests for Asylum and Refuge of the Syrians.

So far Germany is the country with the largest number of refugees continued with the Netherlands and the United States.

This act not only saves the lives of millions of people, also removed from the terror and fear of what living in a country at war, grinding, used and usurped by terrorist groups, the status of refugees and host countries , saving families, saving children seeking a better quality of life in a country where they can live without fear.

In recent years we have seen how the war has devastated millions of homes, killed millions of families and children who were innocent of all evil, have seen children drowned to escape the terror in which they were living.

They have been dark times, but certainly there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

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Charls K.



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