The Radical Islamic State: ISIS

The radical Islamic state called “ISIS” is a terrorist group that seeks to “restore peace” through war and death to unbelievers of Islam, a religion that talks about a god called “Allah” and the Koran called Bible Islam, which has the memories and laws muhammad prophet of this religion written.
The terrorist group “ISIS” based mistakenly its attacks on the Koran and religious knowledge, making it clear that everything they do is in the name of God “Allah”, every death, every cave, every beheading that this group does is in name of their God, as a kind of ritual or sacrifice to purify the world.
ISIS is to blame for several attacks in Europe, as were several attacks in France. ISIS has also made life impossible for the people of Syria, feels this its primary objective to somehow hijack the country and claim it as their own once the country this totally destroyed and ashes.
ISIS persecutes those who do not believe in religion, this terrorist group Christians known more for their persecution by the same attacks in different countries.
This group is currently only seeking the whole world will be afraid, you see the terror in the eyes of the citizens of each country where they go, for this terrorist group, its priority is to make Islam is the only religion and belief in the world. ISIS looking for one way or another end up with other ideologies to implement his mandatory basis, no matter who they have to kill to get it.
The question is simple, how does this terrorist group to get the money for all devices and weapons they use? Where does all that money?
ISIS has certainly powerful people, a lot of money, which support the atrocities that this group every day. Who are they? That is the big question.
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Charls K.


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