Is Hillary Clinton Sick?

Yesterday was the 15th anniversary of 9/11, Personalities as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were present in the wall street center of New York to commemorate this fact.

in recent weeks it has spoken repeatedly of the mental stability and personal health of the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Several rumors say that the mental stability of the Democratic candidate is in disrepair for many years already, others say that the health of the candidate is more damaged than ever with an incurable disease which can only be treated for some time to can be controled.

The candidate has denied countless times these rumors about hers health and stability, regardless of the evidence, hers campaign manager, family and others have also denied these rumors.

A few days ago, the candidate was giving hers campaign speech in the state of Ohio when a terrible cough is present and can not stop coughing if not until a few minutes later, leaving almost hoarse, the same happens in hers campaign plane in a press interview halfway through answering a question from reporters, the candidate had another coughing fit which did not recover if not until several minutes later, reporters waited for Hillary Clinton until she could be with them again and asked apologize for the incident.

Leaving all these clear incidents, a new proof of hers possible illness became very clear at the memorial of the 15th anniversary of 9/11, after almost an hour to show up at the wall street center of New York, Hillary Clinton leaves the memorial in a very bad condition, almost swooning, held by hers secretary to walk into a black van waiting outside the memorial, where his bodyguards had to help the candidate to enter the van as she can’t do it by her own.

If you want to watch the video of what happen… Click here.

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Charls K


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