Tragic Fire Incident in Bangladesh.

A new tragedy struck today the industry of Bangladesh, at least 24 dead and dozens injured when catching fire a factory supplying multinationals, in the worst industrial accident since the disaster in a textile factory in Dhaka’s still trying to recover the country Asian.
Although initially it was feared that the explosion of a boiler and subsequent fire that originated affect one of the many textile plants that crowd in industrial areas around the Bangladeshi capital, unfortunately showed no mercy this time with a packaging company , Tampaco Foils Limited.
This firm located in one of the industrial complex of Tongi, about 25 kilometers north of Dhaka, said on its website counting among its customers leading multinationals in sectors such as tobacco, food or pharmaceuticals, although this point was not confirmed by independent sources in each case.
The fire sparked by the explosion of a boiler, for reasons investigating authorities, around 06.00 local time (00.00 GMT), when it was about to finish the night shift, and the four-storey building finished collapsing.
Twenty teams firefighters rushed to douse the flames and rescue workers.
The injured were evacuated to hospitals in Tongi and Dhaka, while rescue teams recovering bodies lifeless.

Info: EFE.
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Charls K.


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