Black Lives Matter.

The Black Lives Matter movement its a international iniciative started in USA caused by the clearly racism of the north American public system in some states like Missisipi.

The Black Lives Matter movement start because of the clearly racism of the governamental system against the African-American people, Judges, Polices Officers, The Media, everything in some states like Missisipi are against this people who just want justice and peace in their lives, the clearly racism of the Police Departament against African-American people is just insane, they treat against this people is against every law since moral til human rights.

This movement is a huge scream to the internacional media to put their eyes in what is really happening, young afrincan-americans are dying because of the police departament poor judgment power, their skin color make them automatlicly criminals in police officer eyes, thats its not life at all.

The fear of this people to walk on the streets or when they see a police officer, just because they know what they are in P.D. eyes its just insane, when we create the laws and put people in this charge its because we need to feel secure when we are out of house or even in our own house, they are where they are to protect us, all of us, we dont have two P.D. in every state, one for black people and another for white ones, i mean… No, thats not how it works, we have one P.D. to protect all of us, White, Blacks, Muslims, Chinnese, Koreans… All of us.

When the goverment will hear us? When we gonna get the help we are asking for so long now? Questions that we all make, but we dont have answers yet, when a Young Black person die anyone care, the media doesnt say anything about it, but what happen if a white police officer die? Then the whole world make a trending topic hashtag, we saw pictures in every social media, the media give them a whole page in the news and a whole segment in TV. 

Some people says that this movement is selfish because “All lives matters” but i dont see white people getting murdered by police officers being honest. 

This movement its a serious thing, it is really happening now, today. something that should stay in the 50’s its happening in the actual times, we need to do something, there are the proof, we dont need more lives getting kill, support this movement is support a better future for us and our childrens. 

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Charls K.


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