Apple presents the new iPhone 7.

That’s right, yesterday (09/07/16) in the Apple event, the company presents the new iPhone 7, Apple show it really proud and call it “The best iPhone ever create”. 

While in the presetetion on the Apple event the company delegate Tim Cook presented the new iPhone 7, opening the door of a new era for technology.

Some caracteristics of this iPhone 7 are:

  1. It will work with iOS 10
  2. An A10 fusion procesator with 2,4 GHz
  3. 3Gb of RAM memory LPDDR4
  4. Double Camera 12 Megapixels
  5. Without headphone jack connection
  6. Lightning
  7. Increase of the mAh batery
  8. 64Gb, 128Gb and 256Gb internal memory
  9. IP67 water resistence. 

The new model have a new window retine with higher lights and it had the new 3D Touch, that allows a new level of interactions with Apps. The chip is new technology, with A10, that promises be 40% more faster then the iPhone 6. The headphones will be inalambric, with 5 hours of batery live.

The new operative system its iOS 10 that fallow by Cook is the highest actualization ever created by Apple, because of the long number of novelty that acounts with, like better voice assistence or automization integration for the house.

Another new application is the posibility of send texts, like “Stickers” or effects, something that make it looks like the social media Snapchat.

The new iPhone will have a cost of 654$ and the iPhone 7 plus will cost around the 768$, the inalambric headphones will have a cost of 159$, every iPhone 7 come with an adaptations for headphones jack connections.

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Charls K.



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