The Marina Joyce Case.

Marina Joyce is a teen youtuber from england who started in youtube with Make-Up tutorials, she was having around 300 thousand subcribes in her chanel, everything was normal, she was making her videos like she usually does, but one day she post a video about what a girl should dress for a first date, the inusuall in this video was the caracteristics of Marina, the way she acts, how she move, how she see the camera, everything was getting really weird, and her fans started to get worry, they all though Marina was kidnapped, that she was in danger, something weird was happen… Thats right, but the Marina Joyce fan base make it literally a nightmare, the hashtag “#SaveMarinaJoyce” was trending topic on twitter for almost two days, they also though Marina was kidnapped by ISIS and they say that the tweet she post hours before about a meeting in a national park in london at 6AM it was actually a cheat and what they really wanted is a terrorist attend in that place.

Marina Joyce is just a teen with a Youtube chanel, Lets be realistics ladys and gentlemans, i know for sure Marina didn’t want to start all this mess, she just have a really imaginative public.

What happen with this girl its a pretty abvious case of drugs abuse, she was not kidnapped by anyone, she doesn’t have hitler inside her, she is not watching demonds or something, this all was just a imaginary case.

As i told you before, Marina was just having 300 thousand subcribers in her youtube chanel, a number that actually grow up to almost 2 million subcribers in 24 hours, everytying because of her “Kidnapping case” 

Maybe this all was started by the fans or it could be even the same Marina who started this to get more followers and suscribers, but at the end of the day, Marina says everything its ok, dont worry, i’m ok, of course she lost followers and suscribers after this, but that doesn’t mean she go back to her normal 300 thousands, Marina have now around 1 million 500 thousands suscribers.

I have to say it… If Marina invented all this… She is a Marketing Genious. Like seriously.

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Charls K.


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