The #Brexit

As we all know by so far, the U.K haved a referendum where the people have the choise to vote if the U.K will stay in the E.U. or will officialy leave it, in june 23 of 2016, the U.K. decided to leave the U.E. with 52% of the votes, some countrys like Irland and Scotland voted to stay. The world haved their eyes in what was going on with U.K. in that moment, #Brexit was trending topic on twitter, and there was anything else that people talked about then the Brexit, because of this there were a lot of question about the Brexit and what will happen next, so here in #CKN we will answer those questions for you.

Why english people wanted so bad to leave the E.U?

Easy, United Kingdom, is an old nation, the most of the people are 40 years old and more, they wanted the U.K to be like before, they wanted their old glory back, thats why they voted “Yes” to the Brexit.

Who is talking about this?

Actually the Brexit was a bang in the social media and traditional media, everyone was shocked because of the results of the referendum,  Famous magazines and pages talked and explained all this mess called Brexit, some of them are: “The Economist” “The Guardian” and the “bbc.con”. 

What happen after the Brexit?

After the referendum of the called “Brexit” U.K have to wait til the next E.U. reunion conference to be officialy out of the E.U, that will happen in 2018.

Will the U.K. Economy stay normal after this?

Absolutly no. After the referendum, the U.K recived a huge punch on the face, the values of their money were going dowm really fast in comparation with years before and companys were losing trust in the british economy so they left before they could Lost money.

In my point of view, i think the Brexit was the worst idea the U.K. could ever vote for, they even Lost their prime minister Dave Cameron because he is against the Brexit. The Brexit is also a huge scream of U.K saying “We dont want immigrant from anywhere anymore”. In the next years we gonna see a diferent U.K. that we see now, as i said before this was a terrible idea.

Please remember to comment us below what you think about the Brexit and whats your opinion about it. Give us a like, share and support us by following us. See you next time.
Charls K.



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