Michelle Obama is the definition of tough life.

From across the years we have seen how the first ladys of America have been get cheated by their husbands, a great example of this is Jhon F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton and even George W. Bush. But why they never say nothing? Why they keep in silent while their husbands are having a clearly adventure with another women? Everything is part of this freak show, because Lets be honest, be president in the white house have to be a real freak show, now lets imagine how hard it have to be married with the president of a country, i mean that it have to be not easy at all, everyone is expecting a good family, a good marriage, a good wife, a good work as the first lady, everything is on you while your husband is ruling a country, your family is in the spotlight, actually the whole nation are watching every move your family does, and the worst… You dont know if one day a crazy terrorist will come and kill you all because YOLO, as i said be the first lady its absolutly not a easy job for anyone, but everything is part of the show.  

Anyhow there is one women, one first lady who said “hell no, you ain’t do that to me” a women who open her mouth and keep her president in line, of course i’m talking of the one and only Michelle Obama, she is just not playing around, Michelle Obama have been the most perfect first lady of the USA, first of all she said what she have to, she fights againts the real things, and the most important she is the very first First lady who have the brave enough to keep her husband in line, also remember she have two dougthers, she raise two girls in the era of technology and when be a hoe is the new black, Lets comparate, Kendall and Kylie Jenner vs Sasha and Malia Obama. 

This women is surly the definition of tough life, she have acomplish every caracteristic of be a mom, a wife and a first lady. Oh and Lets remember the jelouse scene she make in the Nelson Mandela’s funeral, not the right place, but the momento was totally epic!

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Charls K.



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