Will Hillary Clinton start the three world war?

2016… Such a lovely year for presidential elections. We have pass for a lot of things this year, the second most big terrorist attack, the murder of a young singer and now we have Hillary vs Trump… Well… I think we need a rest.

Hillary Clinton is the democratic nominee to be the former president of USA, she worked with president Obama like scretary of state for 8 years, her husband is the ex president of the USA Bill Clinton, she was first lady and co-funder of the Clinton Fundation, now she wants to be the first women president of the united states of America. 

In the election process Hillary wins against her hardest oponent Bernie Sanders, wich make her the former democratic nominee.

Now the one million question is… If Hillary wins the elections what we can expect from her? Will Hillary start the three world war?

Lets be honest people, we know Hillary isnt an angel but she also isnt the anti-crist. And what could be worst then Nixon and Bush Jr.? 

Anyhow in something we will surly agree is that november is the most desicive month for North America. 

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Charls K.​


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