Trump is actually an old Joffrey Baratheon.

Lets start this post with saying that there is a Hillary post coming, so Trump supporters dont feel offended by this one.
Donald Jhon Trump. A.K.A Donald Trump or “The Donald”. Is the republican candidate to be the former president of the USA. Before this show begins… Donald Trump was better know for be a millionaire empresary from New York City. He was also a Famous TV personality once, he was the man who fired the famous. After you know this, i can go ahead with this post, you should think… Why this guy thinks Donald Trump is the old Joffrey Baratheon from Games of Thrones? Easy but it will be dont funny if i just say it right? So i’ll give you some caracteristics between Donald Trump and Joffrey Baratheon that makes me think they are the same person.

N° 1: Joffrey’s Family.

Joffrey Baratheon is the son of King Robert Baratheon and Cercei Lannister, what makes him one of the much rich kid of the whole westeros. sounds familiar? change the names and its the same story with Donald Trump.

    N° 2: Joffrey’s Grandparents history.

    Joffrey’s Grandfather take Dragonstone from the Targaryens and make it their own territory, make him actually a inmmigrant from Casterly rock to Dragonstone. Donald’s Grandfather is German and her Grandmother is Irland, they both inmmigrate to the USA and make it their own home.

    N° 3: Joffrey hates the north.

    Joffrey have a clearly hate for the nation of the north and the family who rule them, the starks, Joffrey doesn’t like north people in his suth territory and actually he wanted once to build a wall between the north and them but then he choose take the north by force and make the starks dessapear. Do i’ve to explain this one? I mean its pretty obvious…

    N ° 4: Joffrey hates the bastards.

    Joffrey is actually a bastard but he never knew that, he real father is his uncle. Now i’m not saying Donald’s uncle is his real father, but Trump want immigrants go back to their countries, when actually his own family is immigrant… 

    N° 5: Joffrey’s hair.

    Joffrey and Donald are Both blonde. Thats enough proof to clarify they both are the same person.

    So… Afther this… I’m 100% sure they are the same person, don’t doubt it! 

    Are you a Donald supporter? Or Nha! Let us know below in a comment  also whats your opinion about this post, and please support us. Tell your friends about us by sharing our posts in your social media or with just following us is enough. See you next time.

    Bye Bye.
    Charls K.​​​


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